​Are you ready to SEE CLEARERDREAM BIGGER? LIVE LARGER?  Who are you to dim your light?  Shine on beautiful one- celebrated, supported and empowered! 

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*Workplace Presentations/Staff Meetings, Workshops & Retreats- customized to meet the needsof your organization, Sherra brings energy, stories & motivation to the employees, helping them to see themselves & their future in a positive light.



*Health & Wellness in the Workplace- An employee program that is so much more than a number on the scale.  Focusing on the overall well being of the employee from stress reduction to creating healthier habits.  Can be facilitated as a Workshop or Weekly Workplace Series.














*Me Powerment Camp- Summer Day Camp for Girls Ages 11-14yr.- Nurturing, Celebrating & Supporting Kind Hearts, Strong Bodies & Gentle Spirits!

A 5 day summer camp for girls ages 11-14 years old, designed to empower our girls using a variety of activites and tools in a supportive environment; understanding and nurturing core values of compassion, honesty & respect. 

Me Powerment's small class size supports personal growth, trust and friendships thru sharing, role playing, activities and a community service project. 


*Other Workshops offered throughout the year to support and empower individuals- The Powerful Process of Visualization & Goal Setting, A New Beginning, Be The Best You and More!






​​*Individual sessions

*Wellness- balance/nurturing of body, mind & spirit

*Relationship coaching-premarital, spouse, partner, significant other, sibling, family

*Weight Management; Fitness/Exercise

*Diet/Nutrition Guidance & Support


ME POWERED HALF HOUR- 30 minute power session that can be done anywhere, on your time by phone, meeting the demanding needs of your schedule, while allowing time to nurture yourself ; client generated weekly focus (MePowered); one on one attention; motivation, action, accountability; success & celebration


Teen coaching helps teenagers set goals, gain confidence, develop themselves as young leaders & design a future.  One reason teen coaching works, is that it provides coaching tools that take most adults decades to acquire.  Coacing gives teens the skills to be extraordinarily successful.

*Self Confidence*Motivation*Leadership Skills*Success in School*Focus*





  "Both of my daughters have attended Sherra's Me Empowerment Camp. One of them two years in a row and it has been an amazing experience for them both. Of all the camps they have done, these made the most impact and were their favorite.  Sherra's ability to gain trust and get these girls to be open to explore and grow was simply incredible. What my daughter's gained from this experience is priceless. I wish everyone I know with a young tween could have this opportunity.  Sherra's creativity and thoughtfullness makes her a leader in this area and I am so grateful we were able to experience it."  Julie Wellman, Edmonds, WA


"You are amazing - the event with Seattle was an outstanding showcase for your talent. I cannot believe I was at the "rowdy" table for a change - quite interesting. Thanks for the great handout and information."  Ann M. Piraino, CAP









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